Piedmont College

The Swanson Center for the Performing Arts and Communications

Piedmont is currently expanding their campus to a 53 acre tract of land located adjacent to its current campus.

The central focus of the campus expansion at Piedmont College is a facility designed for the College of Performing Arts & Communications.  This facility houses a performing arts theater for approximately 350 with a full working stage, a smaller black box theater, full back of house operations including a separate set construction facility.  The Communications school houses studios for television, radio, and newsprint.  In addition there is a screening room theater, news “bullpen”, editing suites, and other associated areas.

About the Project

Size: 56,000 sf

Site: 53 Acres

Completion: 2007



Master Planning


Engineering Consulting



Choate Construction

AVL Designer/Contractor:

BAi | Austin, Tx


Rob Helfrick | Atlanta, GA

Jeff Crocker | BCA